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Dream-eater Baku appears and does his best to send you to a peaceful sleep, so he can fill his stomach with your dreams. [DLsite.com]
Dream-Eater Baku's Sweet H Dinner Time By Dreamin'&Dreamy

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Circle Name:Dreamin'&Dreamy
Series:NenNenKorori Project
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:MP3 
Option:Girls / Otome 
Genre:Binaural / Internal Cumshot / Naughty/Lewd / Verbal Humiliation / Ear Licking 
File Size:1.29GB 

Dream-Eater Baku's Sweet H Dinner Time


Summary [By dlsite.com)

* This is a sleeping instruction audio, but there are no guarantees you will fall to sleep.

* This is not a sleep hypnosis audio.
Please by healed by Baku's kind voice before you sleep.

Headphones or earphones recommended.


As you roll around in your bed unable to sleep, you suddenly hear a voice coming from the other pillow

"Ah, I'm hungry"

You open your eyes to see a man dressed in black and white.

"Can't sleep huh? Well then, allow me to help you with that. And if you manage to fall asleep,,,"

"Will you allow me to eat your dreams?"

And with that, he kindly sends you off to the dream world.

10 tracks, containing teasing, kissing, nipple play, verbal humiliation, fingering and more.
Total playback time: Approx. 62 minutes

Sleep Instruction Contents
* Breathing deeply together
* Counting down from 100
* Bedside talking, breathing, petting, hugging
* Ear massage (ear licking)

- Readme file
- Audio contents (SFX on / off) (Tracks 4-10 binaural)
- Jacket illustration


BGM & SFX Parts:
Taira Komori Free SFX:

CV: Touma Totsuki @10Coldnight
Illustration: Kohaku
Scenario YumemiruHitsuji

Planning / Production: Dreamin'&Dreamy (

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