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A martial arts tournament to determine the strongest fighter of the lands. No rules... killing, r*ping, stealing... No one will be held accountable! NOW IN ENGLISH! [DLsite.com]
Strongest Under The Heavens - Battle Royale [English Ver.] By Almonds & Big Milk

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Circle Name:Almonds & Big Milk  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:RPG / Inc. Music 
File Format:EXE 
Option:DLsite Official Translation 
Genre:Prostitution/Paid Dating / Internal Cumshot / Violation / Blowjob/Fellatio / Loli / Tiny Breasts 
File Size:474.48MB 

Strongest Under The Heavens - Battle Royale [English Ver.]


Strongest Under The Heavens - Battle Royale [English Ver.]


Strongest Under The Heavens - Battle Royale [English Ver.]


Strongest Under The Heavens - Battle Royale [English Ver.]


Summary [By dlsite.com)

** About Strongest Under The Heavens - Battle Royale

A grand martial arts tournament held once every 4 years in the Kingdom of Orange.

The rules are simple.
The one who collects all 6 of the Crystals scattered across the kingdom wins.

The winner will receive the Ring of Heroes,
and be granted one possible wish by the King.

You can collect the Crystals in any way you like.
Even if you gain them by committing murder,
you will not be held accountable.

A fierce, merciless battle begins!

** The Protagonist

Muffin, who trained every day as a swordsman,
saw a Battle Royale ad one day with his mother.
Drawn to the idea of testing his strength and getting a wish granted,
he decided to join in, travelling to Orange Kingdoms Castle Town with
his best friend, the Battle Royale Maniac Nuts.

In the Castle Town, he meets many participants.

Muffin is excited after hearing the King explain at the Palace.

What would Muffin wish for
if he won the Strongest Under The Heavens Battle Royale?

** RPG

You'll battle with girls with various pasts
in order to win the Battle Royale.
Every heroine has an H Scene!

Please enjoy the conversations between the deep characters.

** Script & Production: Paison

Produced by Mr. Paison, who has penned many different scripts in the past.
Ero within a classic story!
Please enjoy the original heroine's stories.

** Attention
Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.


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