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Two dark elf girls bully and tease you and your dick, making fun of you the whole way. [DLsite.com]
There's No Way I'd Lose To Cheeky Little Dark Elves! By shinya koubo

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Circle Name:shinya koubo  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:MP3 
Genre:Binaural / ASMR / Hand Job / Blowjob/Fellatio / Submissive Man / Loli / Elf/Fairy / Virgin Female 
File Size:79.63MB 

There's No Way I'd Lose To Cheeky Little Dark Elves!


There's No Way I'd Lose To Cheeky Little Dark Elves!


There's No Way I'd Lose To Cheeky Little Dark Elves!


Summary [By dlsite.com)

An audio work where two naked dark elf girls bully your dick and make fun of you.
Made with your busy schedule in mind so you can still squeeze out a quick one!
From handjobs and ear licking all the way to a game of ball-kicking, enjoy yourself to the fullest!
Total playback: approximately 35 minutes

When you passed out in the forest, two dark elf girls saved you.
Unfortunately (?), they intend to bully you into being their plaything.
You think there's no way you'd ever give in, but can you endure their sexual techniques?

Scenario 1: Introduction (4:28)
Scenario 2: (handjob, ear licking) 12:31
Scenario 3: Mouth-to-mouth hydration, nipple teasing, ball-kicking game, double blowjob (18:31)

Sakura - CV: Minase Suzuka
Silver hair. Likes picking on men. Talks like an old lady.

Michiru - CV: Rio Fujimura
Black hair. Quiet, but loves to bully men. Has an alluring voice.


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