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With sounds of sweeping and a distant boiling kettle, the rural inn is welcoming the winter. Together with a caring worker, learn how to prevent catching a cold. [DLsite.com]
Michikusaya - Tabirako: Cold Prevention - Teeth Brushing [English & Chinese Ver.] By Momoiro Code

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Circle Name:Momoiro Code  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:Streaming 
Language:English / Chinese 
Option:DLsite Official Translation 
Genre:Healing / Binaural / ASMR / Heartwarming / Kimono/Japanese Clothes 
File Size:2.07GB 

Michikusaya - Tabirako: Cold Prevention - Teeth Brushing [English & Chinese Ver.]


Summary [By dlsite.com)

With sounds of sweeping and a distant boiling kettle, the rural inn is welcoming the winter.
The theme of this piece, preventing colds--in particular hand-washing, warming the body
and sleeping well--will be nice with this worker who has a very accommodating personality.

A subtitled audio work.

* Entering: Foamy hand washing
After returning from outdoors, the first thing to do is wash your hands.
A caring worker shows you how to do so properly as she washes with you!
Have a spot of tea, and get a simple massage to keep your neck area from getting chilly.

*Post-meal: Warm bath (adult only)
In the bath, you bump into the worker, who had dozed off.
Accelerating the schedule, get your pre-rest massage in the bath to warm you up nicely.
When your blood gets pumping a little too much in a certain place, she takes care of that as well.

* Bedtime: Brush your teeth
Leave your bedtime tooth-brushing to your diligent assistant as well.
Hear the sound of burning kerosene from the stove, the pitter-patter of feet in the hallway, and the wind blowing up against the glass.
Tooth brushing and ear-cleaning as you listen to the piping hot water pouring from the iron kettle.

* Improved tooth brushing sounds!
We improved our tooth brushing head mic.
Feel the position of the brush as it glides over your teeth.

CV: Kyoko Aieda
All other credits: Momotori

Audio: Japanese / Subtitles: English & Chinese


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