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It is the story of a timid 30-something protagonist who is tired of life and meets a woman. It's a real-time 3D adventure game. [DLsite.com]
Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl By Polymation Games

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Circle Name:Polymation Games  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Adventure / Inc. Voice / Inc. Music / Inc. Anime 
File Format:EXE 
Genre:Emotional/Touching / 3D Works / Hand Job / Submissive Man / Kimono/Japanese Clothes / Tiny Breasts 
File Size:6.36GB 

Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl


Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl


Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl


Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl


Summary [By dlsite.com)

It requires some PC capability. Please be sure to check the operation with the demo version before purchasing.

***** caution *****
This is the same work as the Japanese version.
If you have already purchased the Japanese version, you do not need to purchase it.

*Update information Ver1.4.f0 2020.06
English is now supported. The audio is in Japanese only.
The UI has been made easier to read.
Added support for save load at any time. However, the image will be unsightly for a few seconds until the 3D scene stabilizes.
Some typographical errors and omissions have been corrected. Fixed the part where it was playing the wrong animation.
The lip-sync function has been replaced by the "LipSync" function provided by "Oculus". I think it's pretty good.
Fixed a bug where a 3D scene would remain in the background at the end of a scene replay.
The TPS scene in the main story has been modified to the general WASD system.
Adjusted the graphics and made the skin of the H-scene more beautiful.
Movie version is included. All 6 episodes.

*Outline of the Game
 The story unfolds in the present day in a purely Japanese style, drawn in real-time 3D.
 Characters and landscapes are all calculated and animated in real time. The heroine is in full voice.
 You will be able to watch the actions of the main characters in this world just like in a movie or TV drama.
 You don't have a choice, but you will enjoy an intense and moving story.

 After clearing the game, H-scene recollections, music viewing, extra features, and additional scenarios (important) will be
released in the gallery.
 There is a real time map exploration in the game, in third person view. The operation is the same as a typical TPS operation.

*The Beginning of the Story
 It's a story of a frail thirty-something protagonist who is tired of life and meets a woman.
 It happened in a small shrine I visited by a strange coincidence....
 A dull, life-weary old man (in his late 30s) and a young girl meet...

 Looks like he's about ** years old.
 She has long black hair, red eyes, and a naughty little kimono.
 The strange girl who speaks in an old man's language with a high and mighty attitude.

*Shokichi Namino
 Late 30s, single, virgin, never been with a woman.
 A systems engineer working in a small software house.
 He's an all-time associate, despite his ability to make few mistakes.
 I'm honest but awkward in relationships.
 He is often taken advantage of by others or forced into a roundup because he is feeble.

*Summary of sex scenes
 Complete male acceptance, no reversals at all. However, there is no hard blame.
 Equipped with a camera switching function. You can switch between auto, preset,
close-up, protagonist subjective and manual movement.

*Sex positions
 Normal position, cowgirl position, doggie style, Blow Job, cunnilingus, seated position,
hand job, face riding, inverted anal torture.

Thank you for Watching.


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