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The guy who protected you was actually a yakuza bearing the scars of his past. [DLsite.com]
The Night an Ex-Yakuza Fucked Me Outside By white rabbit

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Circle Name:white rabbit  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:MP3 
Option:Girls / Otome 
Genre:Age Disparity / Internal Cumshot / Verbal Humiliation / Outdoor Sex / Oral Cumshot / Whispering / Middle-aged Man / Crime/Gangster 
File Size:186.04MB 

The Night an Ex-Yakuza Fucked Me Outside


The Night an Ex-Yakuza Fucked Me Outside


Summary [By dlsite.com)

Tired from a long day at work, you pass through a lonely backstreet and are accosted by a street tough.
They push you down, ready to rape you without mercy, when suddenly an ex-yakuza rescues you.
His name is Yasuda, and although you're a bit wary about men, your relationship deepens.
It's all a blur, but the two of you spend a nice evening together.
But when you ask him the truth, he pins you down in an explosion of lust.

Otomatsu Yasuda (CV: Miroku)
A gangster who's fallen out of favor. A tired older guy.
His whistling makes him appear rather harmless. He's a little bit of a top, but when his switch gets flipped
he turns into a completely different person. Because of the kindness his boss showed him in his past as a
yakuza, he became a well-mannered crook. When he was younger he got into all kinds of trouble, but now
he's quite nice. He left because his boss said he was too nice for underworld work. Now he's something of
a bill collector. He's also not very good with people who make an effort and it burns him out.

Heroine (You)
A low-paid, overworked office worker. Unmarried, young, and definitely a bottom. Weak-willed enough to
be an easy target for perverts. Works too hard, but is unable to quit out of a sense of responsibility. Gets
saved by Yasuda when it seemed like she was going to be raped by a thug. Eventually starts a physical
relationship. Shy in bed and likes being teased.

Hideaki Nojima (CV: 雅仁)
A delinquent who just arrived from the countryside.
Grew up in a very traditional village and treats women badly because of it. In his village, unmarried women
who reach 30 are held as playthings for the young men of the village. The women don't know this rule, though,
and so none of them think to move. To Hideaki, who grew up in this environment, raping women is just a
means rake care of his libido. After his encounter with Yasuda, he starts thinking he should head back to
the countryside.

[Track List]
CHAPTER 1「気さくなオジサン」
CHAPTER 2「傷だらけのオジサン」
CHAPTER 3「エッチなオジサン」
CHAPTER 4「もっとエッチなオジサン」
CHAPTER 5「昔のオジサン」
CHAPTER 6「デレるオジサン」
CHAPTER 7「野外のオジサン」
CHAPTER 8「オジサンの背中」

Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 7 contain wet sounds, but versions without them are included.

CV: Miroku, 雅仁
Illustration: 拝
Scenario: Meguru Todoroki
Logo Design: Mofumofu
Editing: Chocochip croquette

Production: white rabbit

Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited.
The events depicted in this work are illegal. Please seek professional help if they occur in real life.


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