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5 heroines go above and above to service and seduce you with ear licking, handjobs, titjobs, ear cleaning, orgies, and more as they vie for your affection. CVs: Nachu Aizawa / Kaede Akino / Ayaka Igasaki / Soramame. / Yuka Hinata. [DLsite.com]
[KU100 / ~6 Hours] Harem Guild's Enticement War ~Wedding (Provisional) Special~ By ChocoUsagi

Price:$12.48 / €10.64 (As of 2020/10/07)

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Circle Name:ChocoUsagi  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:WAV 
Genre:Binaural / Harem / Hand Job / Internal Cumshot / Breast Sex / Blowjob/Fellatio / Ear Licking / Whispering 
File Size:4.58GB 

[KU100 / ~6 Hours] Harem Guild's Enticement War ~Wedding (Provisional) Special~


[KU100 / ~6 Hours] Harem Guild's Enticement War ~Wedding (Provisional) Special~


[KU100 / ~6 Hours] Harem Guild's Enticement War ~Wedding (Provisional) Special~


Summary [By dlsite.com)

A binaural audio product (KU100). Headphones or earphones recommended.

Approximately 6 hours of content!

Circle ChocoUsagi's 11th work is a 5 heroine masterpiece!

Featuring ecchi battles, harem love, and bold appeals!
3-ways, 4-ways, even 6-ways!!

Featuring 5 star voice actresses recorded on the highest quality of mic
to give your ears the pleasure they deserve as they vie for your affection!Ranger (CV: Kaede Akino)

Your real little sister, and a gal JK.
A tsundere who can't admit her love for you.Dancer (CV: Soramame. )
A hot and mature office worker.
However, she tends to get black-out drunk...Nun (CV: Ayaka Igasaki)

A caring girl who attends nursing school.
She appears to be the kindest, but her sexual appeal is not so pure...Wizard (CV: Yuka Hinata)

A busty loli. The older of the twins, her little sister being the thief.
A cheeky devil that loves everything to do with sex.
However, with regards to experience...Thief (CV: Nachu Aizawa)

Wizard's little twin sister. An earnest and docile girl, with a rathe reserved chest to match.
However, she speaks as though she's more sexually experienced than her sister...【01_争奪戦、スタート!】 (13:13)

【02_双子の刺客、参上 1】 (24:28)

【03_双子の刺客、参上 2】 (11:40)

【04_ダンサー&レンジャー、参上】 (33:58)

【05_シスターの介抱耳かき&洗体】 (42:58)

【06_ダンサーとシーフの搾精対決】 (47:00)

【07_シスターとウィザード、そしてレンジャー乱入】 (38:53)

【08_シーフとのエッチ withレンジャー】 (16:31)

【09_レンジャーともやっぱりエッチ】 (23:37)

【10_大人のハーレムエッチ】 (28:22)

【11_ちっちゃくてもハーレムエッチ】 (19:38)

【12_さあ、誰を選ぶの!?】 (06:38)

* Bonus
【06_IF_ダンサーとシーフの搾精対決】 (43:13)

【10_大人のハーレムエッチ_双子の百合プレイ】 (03:00)

Total playback time: Approx. 5 hours 53 minutes



Nachu Aizawa (@aizawa_nachu)
Kaede Akino (@akinokaedevo)
Ayaka Igasaki (@ayakaigasaki)
Soramame. (@mame_ruse)
Yuka Hinata (@yukanyan2525)

Planning-Production: ChocoUsagi
Illustration: Kurihito Mutou (@kuripoko)
Scenario: Hifumi Kanno
Scenario Supervision: ChocoUsagi
Recording: Studio HimitsuKichi
Editing / Effects: MeltyBeans (@meltybeans)

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* Sister Circle: Choco Rabbit Puchi (


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