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Newlywed life with your slightly perverted wife! CV: SatouShio (SugarSolt) [DLsite.com]
[Ear Licking] My Wife is Cute and Caring, But Gets a Bit Horny at Night By Karma Exchange Light

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Circle Name:Karma Exchange Light  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:WAV 
Genre:Healing / ASMR / Ear Cleaning / Heartwarming / Cohabitation / Hand Job / Ear Licking / Oneesan/Older Girl/Older Sister 
File Size:5.18GB 

[Ear Licking] My Wife is Cute and Caring, But Gets a Bit Horny at Night


[Ear Licking] My Wife is Cute and Caring, But Gets a Bit Horny at Night


Summary [By dlsite.com)

This work is focused on love-making with just a dash of perversion!
Your usually kind and cute wife gets a little frisky at night.

Enjoy a hot night with your wife in this audio work with ear licking, fellatio, and more!

WAV / MP3 formatYou finally got married to your long-time girlfriend.
It seems since getting married, her desire for love-making his risen even further.
She puts all of her desires on you, and in turn accepts all of yours.

Enjoy a newlywed life with this cute and caring girl!Track1 犬の真似耳舐めエッチ[26:18]

Track2 玄関前で声を我慢しながら素股[23:15]

Track3 寝ているあなたへの悪戯と、こっそり一人エッチ[18:30]

Track4 嫉妬した彼女の耳舐め尋問手コキ[36:05]

Track5 たまには普通に子作りエッチ[22:11]

Track6 休日に癒しの耳かき(非アダルト)[21:26]

Total playback time: Approx. 147 minutes 45 seconds

Contains sniffing, ear licking, sumata, teasing, masturbation,
eye-covering ear licking, handjob, fellatio, sexCV: SatouShio (SugarSolt)

Illustration: Kinako Yukimochi

Planning, Script, Editing: Misora / Karma Exchange Light


On-Jin ( )
Die Brust "Various Sound Effects 100 (RE276666)"

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