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Tempted by hostesses? Dying to get flirted with by an alluring beauty? In these days of patient self-restraint, there's still a way to satisfy your needs -- online! [DLsite.com]
Locked-Down Online Hostess Bar By Blitzkrieg

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Circle Name:Blitzkrieg  Works
Series:Seductive Means
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:MP3 
Genre:Coquettish/Seduction / Verbal Humiliation / Slave / Tease / Submissive Man / Brainwashing 
File Size:43.85MB 

Locked-Down Online Hostess Bar


Summary [By dlsite.com)

With an unprecedented new strain of virus going around, the government has decided to mandate certain closures to
keep people safe and inside. This has had quite an effect on the night life industry, as so much of the work is done
up close and in person. Hostess bars had no choice but to close down.

With income down considerably, things might sound bad -- but being locked down means there are no operating
costs, either. No lighting, taxis, other staff... With the advent of online payment, that means the whole operation can
shift to cyberspace!

But the girls are a little uneasy.

"The bar's too expensive to keep without all the other customer fees.."
"There aren't any extra gifts or anything, so my income is much lower..."

And that's when they hit upon a whole new way to make the online hostess bar more popular than ever.
Online, they can draw in guys who'd never go to a hostess bar in real life.
Guys who have no experience with women. They're such easy targets!

And when they find their mark, the girls know just how to reel them in...

"I'd only talk about something like this with you..."
"I think I might like you. Aren't we a good match...?"
"I'm pretty lonely without a boyfriend..."

And then the finisher..

"I like you the most, Mister. From now on, let's video chat one-on-one..."

Playback time: 43 minutes
Script: Blitzkrieg
CVs: Narumi Aisaka / Haru Koyama


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