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Dorgan Nof, the king of Orcs makes a pact with the Demon Lord and the only one that can stop his evil ambitions is---- The Demon Lord's younger sister! [DLsite.com]
Devils were tempted by ballad of anima...

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Circle Name:touhou-marupon-dou  Works
Last Modified:Upgrade Information /  
Series:Demon Binding Spell
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Action 
File Format:EXE 
Option:Inc. Music / Trial 
Genre:Hot / Dot/Pixel / Angel/Demon / Fantasy / Pregnancy/Impregnation / Gangbang 
File Size:557.1MB 

Devils were tempted by ballad of anima...


Devils were tempted by ballad of anima...


Devils were tempted by ballad of anima...


Devils were tempted by ballad of anima...


Summary [By dlsite.com)

* This is the sequel to "Damned, Kill me!!"

(It can be enjoyed as both a sequel or a standalone product.)

* By all means check out the start of the game via the Trial Version.
(Trial version save data cannot be used in the retail version.)

This work contains: pregnancy, birthing, interspecies violation,
gangbangs and nipple piercing and other such hardcore content.

On the continent of Dolgar, 100+ years have passed...
This is the tale of the Demon Lord's younger sister Edith,
her journey around this chaotic land and her fight against
the Orcish hordes to destroy their evil ambitions.

This time, presented to you in an Action RPG format
with character parameters increasing by leveling up

The chaotic lands of Dolgar. A continent of turmoil and war.
Various species battle for power, conquest for the right to rule.
...and among those species, reigning supreme are the Orcs.

Worshiping the god of violence, "Dorgan Nof",
the orcs gained great powers by making a pact with the Demon Lord
and all other species bowed before their might as slaves and livestock.
Tormented for their pleasure, no mercy, no compassion. Only despair...

----1000 years ago, a similar invasion of the human lands was
thwarted by a savior, a hero that made a pact with the Demon Lord's
younger sister and saved all humanity.

She once disappeared in the ebb and flow of history...
but has returned to bask in the limelight once more.
To destroy the ambitions of the the Demon Lord and Orcish King!

All erotic situation CG are available on Pixiv.
31 base CG / 226 variations / 25 types of erotic animated pixel art

- All interspecies r*pe and bestiality.
- Upon defeat, the protagonist is sent to work at a brothel.
- Defeat to a boss or in a dungeon results in an exclusive Bad End.
(After watching you can return to the map.)
- In the field, when you make contact with enemies, r*pe animation occurs.
- Plenty of situations such as pregnancy, nipple piercing, body graffiti, etc.

* Created with Action Editor 4.

Copyright (C)2017 touhou-marupon-dou All Rights Reserved.
"I give a permission of publication this works to ONLY DLsite.com."
"I prohibit reproduction or republication."

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