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A codependence-themed BL voice drama with an attached top x once dominant bottom pairing. [DLsite.com]
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Price:$10.55 / €8.68 JPY (As of 2021/01/12)

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Circle Name:+No.490 officina  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:MP3 
Option:Girls / Boys' Love 
Genre:Toys / Younger (Dominant) / Age Disparity / Masturbation / Blowjob/Fellatio / Coercion/Compulsion / Oral Cumshot / Squirting/Gushing 
File Size:1.77GB 

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Summary [By dlsite.com)

- Main story audio (approx. 62 minutes playback time)
- WAV / MP3 formats
- BGM / SFX-less H-scene version (MP3 & WAV)
- Bonus illustrations (Jacket, 3 stills, 3 character introduction illustrations)

* This work contains a character that plays as both a top and bottom.
No extreme play, but soft coercion is included.
The after story is 100% lovey.Novelist Akito has been living together with his nephew for five years after his
big sister and her husband tragically died in an accident.
But one day, their relationship takes a sudden turn, and things go over the line...
What more, even though he knows it's wrong, Akito can't refuse...

He doesn't want to lose him.Akito (CV:)
Age: 28
Height; 180cm
Dominant top to manly bottom

A gay mystery novel author that lives with his nephew.
He's been unable to marry, but wants a family.
Itsuki is precious to him.Itsuki (CV: Gouto Sashinaga)
Age: 18
Height: 183cm

Akito's nephew. Loves Akito, and belives he wouldn't be able to live without him.
He straight, but his fixation on Akito keeps him from long-term relationships with women.Ibuki (CV:Yuuto Akitsuki)
Age: 26
Height: 175

Akito's slutty gay sex friend that loves to tease.Bonus voice / sound collection updates will will released at certain sales milestones. Stay tuned!(Cast)
as Akito: Yoritada Konoe /
as Itsuki: Gouto Sashinaga /
as Ibuki: Yuuto Akitsuki /

Audio Editing: Tirami su Amore! /
Revision: Tarako no Onigiri
Planning/Production/Scenario/Illustration: Mekakushi490

Copyright: +No.490 officina

Free materials:
BGM "Summer Fog": Amacha Music Studio /

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