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A sweet and cheerful full-color manga that depicts a story that develops into incest by having a cute cousin's younger brother dress up as a woman! [DLsite.com]
I'm in love with my feminine cousin! By Yanmarumaa

Price:770 (As of 2021/05/28)

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Circle Name:Yanmarumaa  Works
Release date:May/29/2021 0
Product format:Manga 
File format:JPEG / PDF file 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Shota / Otoko no ko / Cross-dressing as a Woman / Age Disparity / Pure Love / Masturbation / Incest / Anal 
File size: 47.73MB  

I'm in love with my feminine cousin!


I'm in love with my feminine cousin!


I'm in love with my feminine cousin!


I'm in love with my feminine cousin!


I'm in love with my feminine cousin!


I'm in love with my feminine cousin!


Summary [By dlsite.com)

The circle team's first full-color manga work has been unveiled!
It is a douujinshi for the light genre that both Shota lovers and Femboy lovers can enjoy evenly!
Feel enjoy the story of two cousins ​​depicting a sweet and pure love thing ♪

◆ Character introduction and synopsis

■ Character

・ Yuki Rakuda: A beautiful student boy with a Western-style look.
He feels calm, but in fact he is a little suspicious boy who likes transvestite cosplay, who sexually likes his cousin's older Oni-Chan ,Keita.

・ Keita Rakuda: A young man in his mid-20s who takes good care of him.
He calls Yuki "Yu-kun" and makes him a side dish every night by dressing him up as a woman and taking naughty pictures.
But he seems to be keeping a distance from Yuki so that he never goes into sexual activity.

■ Synopsis

Yu-kun was looking forward to going to his cousin's,Keita's house every day after school.
He exchanged kisses instead of greetings, and went to the time of the transvestite cosplay photo session that Yu-kun was looking forward to.

However, while repeating such a thing, Yu-kun's desire continues to grow, and finally he touches Keita's best!
Keita, who couldn't control her excitement, took off her skin and developed into sex between her forbidden cousins ​​... !!

・ Number of pages ・ ・ ・ Basic 17P + PDF
・ Size: The main story is 1500 x 1022, and the cover is vertical 1600 x 1200.

FAQ for this works and circle.
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