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本物のソーシャルシミュレーション!RuRuと一緒にOnlyFuckのアカウントを作ろう! [DLsite.com]
OnlyFuck: RuRu's Adventures By NSFW18 Games

Price:2,750 JPY (As of 2021/09/14)

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Circle Name:NSFW18 Games  Works
Release date:Sep/14/2021 16
Product format:Simulation / Voice / Music / Animation 
File format:Application 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:3D Works / Hand Job / Masturbation / Consensual Sex / Tiny Breasts 
File size: 354.56MB  

OnlyFuck: RuRu's Adventures


OnlyFuck: RuRu's Adventures


OnlyFuck: RuRu's Adventures


OnlyFuck: RuRu's Adventures


Summary [By dlsite.com)


- オリジナルのエッチな数独をプレイしてコンテンツを作成!
- 難易度の異なる4x4 6x6 9x9で無制限のリプレイを実現!
- ダイレクトメッセージでファンの質問に答えよう!
- 毎週、最高の戦略を選択して、利益を最大化!
- アップグレードを購入してパフォーマンスなどを向上させよう!
- ボイスあり
- 3DとアニメーションはRuria Rawが担当。

A REAL SOCIAL SIMULATION Start your own OnlyFuck account with RuRu!

She bought a camera and she is very thrilled to start working on it with you!
Play the LEWDOKU, a Sudoku variant to unlock the content RuRu will publish on her page!
Post 30 photos and 6 videos of RuRu on your OnlyFuck page to gather more fans and increase your incomes!

- Play an original & lewd Sudoku to create the content!
- Infinite replayability with different levels of difficulty 4x4 6x6 9x9!
- Answer fan questions in Direct Messages!
- Select the best strategy every week to maximise your profits!
- Purchase upgrades to improve your performances and stuff!
- Voice acting included
- 3D & Animations made by Ruria Raw!

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