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【script reveal】Yandere co-worker makes me take an aphrodisiac , make me cum inside her, and force to get her pregnat [DLsite.com]
【script reveal】Yandere co-worker makes me take an aphrodisiac , make me cum inside her, and force to get her pregnat By Yandere Voice

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Circle Name:Yandere Voice  Works
Release date:Dec/30/2022 0
Series name:English works〜英語〜
Voice Actor:いばら
Product format:Video / Voice 
File format:MP4 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Binaural / ASMR / Yandere / Internal Cumshot / Coercion / Compulsion / Reverse Rape / Submissive Man 
File size: 568.98MB  

【script reveal】Yandere co-worker makes me take an aphrodisiac , make me cum inside her, and force to get her pregnat


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.drunk and a one night stand?
That man could have sex with women that easily. ......
did i just get played ......?
Isn't sex something that couples do ?

oh i get it
If our relationship was a lie, why don't I just make it a real one?
he is really just shy,
The person I love is not such a jerk ...... who embraces a woman he doesn't care about. ......

...... Sorry to call you out at this time
It was kind of important, so I thought it would be better not to talk about it outside.
...... You don't want anyone to know about you sleeping with me when you have a girlfriend, do you?

don't look so scared.
come on in

(sound of closing the door)

What are we talking about?
we don't have to talk so quickly.
you look like you came in a hurry
your Sweatying
I'll get somthing cold to drink
You can sit on the sofa in the living room

you like lemon tee right?
This is brewed from tea leaves that I ordered, so I think it tastes better than commercial lemon tea.

what i need to talk about?
it's about the other day
are you just going to end it with one night stand?

you will pay me?
I don't need it
I liked so i was so happy
so i don't want to end it

don't worry, I know you have a girlfriend
you just need to break up with her
you wont?
you have a girl friend but you fucked me
Because you weren't satisfied with her, right?

you can't say no
look at that

(turn on the tv
(*Sound from recordings below)


(end of sound)

it's us from the other day
it's by a phone so not the best but
It was a dream come true for me and I watched it over and over again

Just hearing your hot breath makes me wet
it's not enoth by just masterbating

"You do what you want with my body and you just leave?
Isn't that terrible?
Do you fuck women with such a light hearted attitude?

...... because you were drunk at the time?
so what
you can't just make that the end

but it's ok
you came here, and if you are willing to break up with her.....

(sound of droping glass

good night for now
it should be great when you wake up

good morning
you may have a little bit of a headache from the pills, but it should go away soon.
I mean, ......, I'm sure you won't be worrying about the headache soon.

what do you think this is
There are some great things these days.
it is an aphrodisiac that can make you feel like it just by applying it.

(man trying to resist

haha that won't do you any good
You know that the drink I just gave you, had drugs in it, right?
That one is the one that even takes away the freedom of the body
Oh, there are no aftereffects or anything like that, so don't worry,

what we are about to do?

(sound of geting naked

a continuation of what happened last time,
That time I lost consciousness and you left the hotel during that time, didn't you?
i'd like to have a happy morning after making love to my boyfriend.

Not a couple
what are you saying
we are
we have to
you don't want that vidio to go public right?

is that a threat?
yes it is

I'll do anything to get you

, I'll apply this,on you ok ?
I was thinking of applying it all over your ...... body, but I think I'll just apply it to your dick
Because it says not to
it said you cum to much

thta look's interesting
I thought this would be a punishment for you not listening to me.

Haha, you don't have to look so frightened.
If you would listen to me, you wouldn't need to be punish you

so let's just apply it to your dick today.
it's no good resisting.

apply it on your dick
dose it feel like a hand job ?

even though you don't like it, your dick is getting bigger.
you don't like this right?
then you can;t me like this

i guss this work's immediately
I had never used these ones before. ......

Your dick is making ...... my hands so slimy,
I'm also getting wet from this

Your body should start to feel a little more free, right?
That's not a drug that lasts that long.

I didn't think you'd run away?
No, you are not running away from here.
Because your dick must be tingling and tingling,
I don't think I could ever get out of here in that condition. ......

Your only option is to have sex with me.
......I have confidence in my style.
Because I'm slender like a gravure idol, right?
I worked hard for this
here this a body for you
you can do what you want to do with it

( sound of falling in bed)

(sound of sucking tits)
don't be so hard

you like my tits that much?
you'r sucking it like a baby

oh it feels good
you sucking them
also licking them

don't put your finger in me suddenly

(moving hand in her pussy)
yes just like that
yes if you do that

you won't me able to leave me

awwww humm
Ill make you a body that you can't have sex except me
I'm slso....
Recording this sex too
so that you won't run from me

if you di it so stroung
im going to cum

you came inside me a lot
now you can't run from me
i'm not a one nighr woman
I'm a woman that is going to make your baby(Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

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