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The one she chose to impregnate her was none other than her own father... [DLsite.com]
Surah of the Sacred Sincest By I'm moralist

Price:891 JPY (As of 2023/09/28)

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Circle Name:I'm moralist  Works
Release date:Sep/29/2023 0
Author:I'm moralist
Voice Actor:藤村莉央
Product format:Adventure / Voice / Music 
File format:Application 
Miscellaneous: Partial AI Use 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Abnormal / Perverted / Daughter / Decadent / Immoral / Pure Love / Internal Cumshot / Incest 
File size: 311.38MB  

Surah of the Sacred Sincest


Surah of the Sacred Sincest


Surah of the Sacred Sincest


Surah of the Sacred Sincest


Summary [By dlsite.com)

"Oh Saintess, sacred thou. For the sake of confronting the demon lord, I call upon thee to conceive a child with thy dearest beloved."

On that day, I, the daughter of a lone priest, received my calling as the Saintess. My body was bestowed with un-aging youth and beauty and a power worthy of God. Many witnessed the divine oracle's proclamation that day, so none could doubt it.

Being a smart girl with but a very strange mind, I felt a little nervous, but it was a terribly joyous occasion for me.

The saintess raises heroes, for she is the life-giving womb... Indeed, God recognizes her as the most immaculate womb in this world. And I, I am a strange girl who rejoiced at such a duty, so perhaps this is why I was left with such a warning.

"...Thoust holds love too deep. Even I may not stop it. Beware not to let it stray too far."

I know that already. I intend to respect my beloved's wishes, after all.

"Good morning... Father."

And it is he, who was but a low-ranking priest, who is my dearest beloved.

The one who sired this now flawless womb- my father.- you want to teach this saintess what a little slut she is.
- you want to experience unhinged, immoral sex.
- you like the idea of breeding like animals.
- you'd enjoy a clean-up blowjob from the girl you made gasp out in pleasure til she dropped.> Genres Visual Novel, Incest, Religious Taboo

> CG count 9 Main Event H CGs (full color) + H Character Sprites, Background Art

> Voice Heroine is fully voiced (Japanese only)

> Image resolution 1920 x 1080 (default)

> Gallery mode Included. Freely unlockable from the start.

> Estimated play time 1~2 hours

> Game engine Unity (featuring a hideable text window, a backlog reader, auto-read, and a skip command)

*To confirm if you can run this application, please try out the demo.
*The dialogue scenes using character sprites contain background art that was generated using AI. All of the CG art including the characters and scenery were drawn by an actual illustrator.


Scenario Writer ...... 犬侍

Illustrator ...... ヨネシマ

Voice Acting ...... 藤村莉央

Organization, Staging ...... リルリル

Audio Editing ...... イロドリ

BGM ...... MusMus

Programming/Development ...... リルリル, フジムラダイキ

Programming/Supervision ...... yuz-co-show, 軟水

UI Designer ...... 四号戦車

Translator ...... OCD Translations

Director ...... えるど

A Production by ...... I'm moralist(Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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