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【KU100】CV陽向葵ゅか様 転移先の大聖堂教会にてあまトロ聖女さまが癒したっぷりのあまあま&トロトロ濃密ご奉仕えっちをしてくれるお話です♪ [DLsite.com]
【繁体中文版】【全編あまあま】あまトロ聖女♪~安眠しながらお射精できる♪~あまあま女神官さまの癒したっぷり超密着濃密えっち♪【KU100】 By Translators Unite

Price:660 JPY (As of 2023/09/28)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Sep/29/2023 0
Voice Actor:陽向葵ゅか
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:Chinese Traditional 
Genre:Healing / Breasts / ASMR / Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love / Hand Job / Internal Cumshot / Ear Licking / Whispering 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Elena - The Sweet Saint
H Cup
3 Sizes: B102 W63 H92

- A saintly girl who has been raised to be of service to the Hero as a goddess...
- Inside her curvy body... passed down to her... is the forbidden Demon Seal...
- The seal's power grows whenever she receives the semen of heroes from other worlds...
- Long has she waited for the Hero, keeping herself pure until the day they meet...
- In order to make him feel more comfortable, she has a wealth of sexual knowledge to put to good use...- Plenty of close-quarters, lovey-dovey, healing sex...
- This goddess is overflowing with motherly affection, and sex with her will make you feel so relaxed...
- ...did we mention it's super sweet and super intimate...
- Get a taste of rich, sensual eroticism...

"Lay back, relax, and cum... Fully loaded with sweet, loving, healing sex with your goddess...♪"One day... you suddenly find yourself transported to another world...
You end up at a huge cathedral where you meet a goddess who tells you that you're a hero...
This woman, a "Saint", needs your help to seal away the Demon King.
But in order to become partners, first you must form a covenant.
Under her gentle guidance, the covenant ritual begins...♪Includes:
- High-quality cover illustration from popular illustrator [Yuyu]
- Script files (Japanese) in PDF and TXT format
- MP3 / WAV formats

[Track List]
Track 1 - The Kiss of The Sacred Vow (06:42)
Track 2 - A Slick Blowjob + Sweet Swallowing (08:14)
Track 3 - The Covenant Ritual (29:30)
Track 4 - Lovey-dovey Ear Licking + Hand Job (17:01)
Track 5 - Intimate Missionary + Healing Ear Licking (16:45)
Track 6 - Motherly Hand Job + Breast Sucking (12:21)
Track 7 - Pre-departure Mating Sex (12:13)

Total playback time: 102 minutes 46 seconds
Including no SFX version: 205 minutes 32 seconds

* Recorded in a studio using a KU-100 binaural microphone

CV: Yuka Hinata (@yukanyan2525)
Illustration: Yuyu (@yuyu_il)
Voice recording: atelier AUTH_QUID
Editing: Mayotama (@_mayotama_)

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