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She loves loves loves loves loves you so much. She will do "anything" for you, and keeps you like a pet, and does absolutely "everything" for you. [DLsite.com]
[ENG Sub] How to Own Someone You Love By Translators Unite

Price:1,100 JPY (As of 2023/11/14)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Nov/15/2023 0
Voice Actor:花守このは
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Abnormal / Perverted / Hand Job / Internal Cumshot / Captivity / Submissive Man 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

!!! WARNING !!!
This is an extremely yandere work - make sure you're mentally and emotionally prepared!
This audio work features talk of quadruple amputation, tooth extraction, and excrement.
There are no expressions that arouse the notion of violence or pain, but please take note of the contents before you decide to purchase.


She loves you. She loves you so, so, so, soooooo much!
She's watching. Always watching. All she wants is to make you happy, but knowing that other girls are thinking of confessing their feelings to you is something she simply cannot allow to happen.
And so, she decides to take you home with her and keep you there.
If it's for you, she'll do anything.
Single-minded in her affection for you, if she believes it to be beneficial for you, she'll get to it right away.
Whether you like it or not.
She wants nothing more than to exist for you and you alone.
So don't fret over the actions she takes, okay?
It's all for you.
Everything she does is for you.

* Extreme yandere audio work
* Maximum volume for our circle
* For those who don't want actual violence but a "violent-esque love" yandere girl
* "Everything" you do is cared for, like a pet, by this yandere girl


[Track List]

1. Our Diary ~Prologue~

2. Our Diary ~June 4th~
[Confined to the basement / chained up]

3. Our Diary ~June 11th~
[Anesthetic injection]

4. Our Diary ~June 13th~(1)
[Quadruple amputation / peeing in a bedpan / urine drinking]

5. Our Diary ~June 13th~(2)

6. Our Diary ~June 13th~(3)
[Feeding / diaper changing / using a diaper / wiping your ass]

7. Our Diary ~August 11th~(1)
[Tooth brushing]

8. Our Diary ~August 12th~
[Total tooth extraction / baby birding / forced chastity]

9. Our Diary ~August 26th~
[Lovey-dovey sex]

10. Our Diary ~Epilogue~

10 tracks in approx. 2 hours 47 min



CV: Konoha Hanamori

Illustration: KurofudeANnA

Script: Kitsuneya Honpo

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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