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サークルの気になる女の子に告白したところ、フラれてしまった五条君。 飲み友達の御手洗ちゃんに話を聞いて貰いつつ二人で飲んでいたけれど、御手洗ちゃんの方が先に潰れてしまう。 彼女を家まで運んであげると、お礼と称して五条君の頭を抱いて撫で撫でと甘やかし。 御手洗ちゃんの大きな胸の感触に思わず勃起してしまった五条君。 そんな五条君をソファーに座らせ、傷心を癒やす甘やかしえっちが始まります。 [DLsite.com]
【簡体中文版】のみともと! By Translators Unite

Price:990 JPY (As of 2024/01/30)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Jan/31/2024 0
Product format:Manga 
File format:JPEG 
Supported languages:Chinese Simplified 
Genre:Breasts / Lots of White Cream / Juices / Stockings / Breast Sex / Blowjob / Fellatio / Oral Cumshot / Forced Oral / Irrumatio / Long Hair 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Gojou confessed his affection to a girl in his club, and got turned down.
He goes out with his drinking buddy Mitarai to drown his sorrow in booze, but she succumbs to drunkenness first.
He carries her home, and as thanks, she holds his head, stroking and caressing it,
Gojou gets an erection from the feeling of her big bouncy breasts.
She then sits him down on the sofa... and begins to soothe his broken heart with some pampering sex.

Starting with a titjob, then some irrumatio. It may be painful, but she nonetheless enjoys and accepts it.
After which, Mitarai finally loses her composure when Gojou thrusts deep inside her pussy with his big cock!

We hope you enjoy the salacious display of her bouncing titties, cumface, and cock thrust belly bulging~!

74 main pages / 80 total

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