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A studious university freshman finds himself taking a strict course in feminisation, losing his head to the drowning pleasure of being f*cked like a girl. [DLsite.com]
Trap 101 - The Fate of an Honour Student Turned Crossdressing Whore - By Trans Tribune

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Circle Name:Trans Tribune
Series:Crossdressing Femcorruption
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:CG / Illustrations 
File Format:JPEG 
Option:PDF Included 
Genre:Otoko no ko / Crossdress / Violation / Sexual Training / Coercion/Compulsion / Anal 
File Size:609.84MB 

Trap 101 - The Fate of an Honour Student Turned Crossdressing Whore -


Trap 101 - The Fate of an Honour Student Turned Crossdressing Whore -


Trap 101 - The Fate of an Honour Student Turned Crossdressing Whore -


Trap 101 - The Fate of an Honour Student Turned Crossdressing Whore -


Trap 101 - The Fate of an Honour Student Turned Crossdressing Whore -


Summary [By dlsite.com)

* A hard-working student undergoes drug-fueled sexual training, corrupting him forever into the perverted crossdressing slave "Momoka!"

A serious and diligent student, Touma Nishino, was heading home after his university orientation when Rika Hayami, one of the school's seniors, suddenly called out to him.

"Hey, would you be interested in joining our club?"

Touma had no way of knowing that this simple line would lead him down a path that would irrevocably warp not only his life, but his very being.

* Our honour student's much anticipated days at university will soon be crushed.
F*cked in women's clothing, teased, and given large amounts of aphrodisiacs, Touma's body and soul will soon be worn away, being reborn into the turbo-slut "Momoka."

Touma Nishino
A first year university student. A diligent and fastidious person.
He has a petite build and baby face that often makes others think he's younger than he really is, causing him to develop a serious complex over it.

Yuuko Imai
Touma's childhood friend. A spirited young girl who's like a breath of fresh air. She bears an unforthcoming affection towards Touma.

Rika Hayami
A senior at the university Touma attends. She took an interest in Touma the minute she laid eyes on him and invited him to join her club.
A seemingly beautiful young lady but the truth tells a different story...

Yoshiki Katou
A senior in the same grade as Rika. He's the leader of the club Rika is a part of and kingpin behind Touma's training.
He completely breaks Touma in mind and body, remaking him as a shameless slut.

* All characters depicted are 18 years old or over.

Psychological feminisation carried out in a multitude of outfits including sailor uniforms, nurse outfits, high school girl uniforms, babydolls, bunnysuits and more.
Our protagonist will experience anal play, gangbangs, bondage, vibrators, and even join together with a fellow trap for public masturbation using a double-headed dildo, among others.

* 21 base images
* 177 images with text
* 266 images including textless variants and an afterword


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