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An alchemist girl who sprouted a futanari penis gets targeted by various witches and monster girls in this RPG! [DLsite.com]
Mira and the Mysterious Alchemist By dieselmine

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Circle Name:dieselmine  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:RPG 
File Format:EXE 
Option:Inc. Voice / Inc. Music / Trial 
Genre:Female Heroine Only / Dot/Pixel / Nonhuman/Monster Girl / Succubus/Incubus / Breast Sex / Futanari/Dick girl 
File Size:569.82MB 

Mira and the Mysterious Alchemist


Mira and the Mysterious Alchemist


Mira and the Mysterious Alchemist


Mira and the Mysterious Alchemist


Mira and the Mysterious Alchemist


Summary [By dlsite.com)


Mira the alchemist in training fails at making a potion and become a futanari!
Work on creating a potion to fix her futanari penis while dealing with different
witches and monster girls that come looking to drain her!


- Unable to hold back the pleasures of a futanari penis, and masturbates repeatedly.

- Defeated by a succubus, and edged by a foot job until ejaculation.

- Attacked by a beast in heat, and drained repeatedly after getting hypnotized.

- Taken by witches in an alleyway, and cums repeatedly in a hidden lair.

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- Mira Aries (CV: Narumi Aisaka)
A human girl who moved to the city to become a proper alchemist.
She's cheerful and hardworking, but not very good at alchemy.

- Ria Aries (CV: Mimori Aino)
A human girl and Mira's Sister.
She is protective of her sister, and can become yandere at times.

- Esmeralda Aquaria (CV: Chiroru Oyama)
An elf lady who teaches alchemy.
Knowing that Mira sprouted a futanari penis, she teases her sometimes.

- Grana Grapes (CV: Chiroru Oyama)
A human (or ghost?) lady that runs a magic shop in the city.

- Rosh Youngflower (CV: Yuri Ayase)
A human girl and Mira's school friend.
She helps teach Mira about alchemy, and is a grade A student.

- Beryl (CV: Satsuki Akushiro)
A wild succubus/dark elf girl who has trouble fitting in.
After sensing sexual energy from Mira, she has been looking to violate her.

and more...

Though many species live in the city of Awil, there are no males.
Because of this, the presence of male sexual energy draws in females of various species...


Scenario: Ikki Yuma
Illustrator: Hinata Mutsuki


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