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A slow, relaxing day at an inn to greet the coming spring. A dip in the hot spring, some hair care, a massage, ear cleaning, and drifting off to sleep while listening to a story of the past... [DLsite.com]
Michikusaya - Inoko: Folk Tale Ear Cleaning [English & Chinese Ver.] By Momoiro Code

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Circle Name:Momoiro Code  Works
Age Ratings:R-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:Streaming 
Language:English / Chinese 
Option:DLsite Official Translation 
Genre:Binaural / Ear Cleaning / Ear Licking 
File Size:4.94GB 

Michikusaya - Inoko: Folk Tale Ear Cleaning [English & Chinese Ver.]


Summary [By dlsite.com)

The signs of the incoming spring start appearing in this rural inn.
You spend a slowly passing day with an assistant girl here.
When you get out of the hot spring bath, another assistant girl
kindly dries your hair and then a massage with the three of you follows.
The last thing you get is a quiet slumber induced with an old story.

A subtitled audio work.

[1 - Vapor Covered Inoko Onsen]

* Wet Hot Spring!
Recorded with a waterproof microphone for realistic bathing scenes.
During scenes of shampooing, ear washing and onsen diving,
you will hear various underwater sounds.

[2 - Inotabi Dryer]

* Whirling dryer!
Get a sense of warmth as you feel the hot air entering your ears from the whirring dryer.

Two assistant girls kindly dry your hair,
then they give you a massage with skin lotion.
A short break time following the bath.

[3 - Ear Cleaning with Old Story]

* A nice, long ear cleaning!
A slow and relaxing ear cleaning that lasts almost 50 minutes.
Enjoy the full time together with the staff without needing to move at all.
Some nibbling service is included as well.

Noa Hakogawa
Kyouko Aieda
Hiiro Mamiya

All other credits:

Momoiro Code

Localization: DLsite
Audio: Japanese / Subtitles: English & Chinese


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