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An ecchi delivery adventure RPG featuring the elf girl Piriri and her friends! [DLsite.com]
The Power of Rice ~Magical Farming Survival RPG~ By crotch

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Circle Name:crotch  Works
Series:Survival Games
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:RPG / Inc. Music 
File Format:EXE 
Genre:Fantasy / Peeing Oneself / Yuri/Girls Love / Outdoor Exposure / Urination/Peeing / Scatology / Socks / Elf/Fairy 
File Size:561.31MB 

The Power of Rice ~Magical Farming Survival RPG~


The Power of Rice ~Magical Farming Survival RPG~


The Power of Rice ~Magical Farming Survival RPG~


The Power of Rice ~Magical Farming Survival RPG~


Summary [By dlsite.com)


Piriri is an elf girl working as a magical farmer...
However, evil lurks as she is conducting an errand for her mother...

Her errand: To deliver orders to the neighboring villages and faraway towns...

With such an annoying errand and heavy load, Piriri is unmotivated,
but her mother promises her something:

"If you do this for me, you'll be free to go out on a journey."

For the forest-dwelling Piriri, travelling has always been her dearest desire!
The promise fills her with fire and motivation!

A walking stick in her hand! Bravery in her heart!
With equal parts excitement and bags of wheat on board,
she takes her first step out into the wide world!

Overcome road accidents! Get around towering walls!
There's no obstacle big enough for this slippery girl!
Joined by a dragon girl and demon girl,
the journey starts!

Many dangers await...
However, if she has rice, her heart will have steely resolve!
Wherever, whenever, it's always a good time for walking!

For the magical farm, it's business as usual!

* 51 base CG

[Game Tips]

* No levels!
- If Piriri and her friends have food and water, their level is maxed.
Their favorites all differ, and they will consume them automatically.
You can use food items for nourishment as well.

* I want to become strong!
- Consume spirits to power up your physical and magical power.

* Where do I get equipment?
- Equipment can be made in Piriri's room, or at machines in town.
Use materials acquired during your journey to craft new equipment!
The 3 main materials are "odds and ends", "cloth", and "sewing tools".

* Need more rice!
- Use money at the tavern for supplies, or find them in barrels, etc.

* I have no money...
- Help out with the shop at home. Get stock for the warehouse.
Ring the bell during business hours!

* I want money, but don't wanna work!
- Beat up the bad guys, or monsters to add some cash to your wallet.

* I want more excitement!!
- Do some farting. Press the [C] key to let loose some gas.
It will lower your urge to urinate or defecate, but be careful:
if you do it too much, something might leak out...

* Pose art on / off + on-screen information
Pose art can be toggled with [A], [S], and [D] keys, and togged off with the [Q] key.
Piriri's skill's can be similarly toggled as well.
On-screen information can also be toggled with the [PageUp] and [PageDown] keys.

* The following bad status effects can be imposed depending on food and situation:
Naked, muddied, pissed self, shit self, bound, torn clothes.


Defeat in battle causes a Game Over.
Contains lots of pee and poop during the course of gameplay. Be warned!
This product was created in RPG TKool MV!


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