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The climactic battle with the demon lord is followed by cursed climaxes afterward! The party of heroines try to return home after being cursed with a lewd emblem by the demon lord... [DLsite.com]
The Lewd Emblem Left by the Demon Lord ~Climaxing Return~ By VALKYRIA

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Circle Name:VALKYRIA  Works
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Adventure / Inc. Voice / Inc. Music 
File Format:EXE 
Genre:Fantasy / Violation / Rape / Interspecies Sex 
File Size:1.95GB 

The Lewd Emblem Left by the Demon Lord ~Climaxing Return~


The Lewd Emblem Left by the Demon Lord ~Climaxing Return~


The Lewd Emblem Left by the Demon Lord ~Climaxing Return~


The Lewd Emblem Left by the Demon Lord ~Climaxing Return~


Summary [By dlsite.com)

* Story
The defeat of the demon lord was just the beginning,
and the real adventure started on the way home...

A party of three beautiful heroines take down the demon lord,
but not before it curses them with an emblem of lewdness.

The mark fills them with insatiable lust,
and all reasoning is lost as they take on all comers!

Even with the strength to destroy the demon lord,
by the power of the lewd emblem, they are simple sex-seeking girls.
No matter how filthy they find it, the pleasure drives them to corruption.

* Lewd berserking
The hands that once held powerful weapons and staves now hold dicks,
as the bodies of the cool princess, supple warrioress, and pure priest are
warped and corrupted by pleasure!

Until they find a way to break the curse, they won't be able to regain their senses!

* Not only humans!

Of course, monsters want in on this action as well,
and they also bring the girls to humiliating climaxes.

After so much copulating, they don't even know who is inserting what where!

* Rapturous animation!
Their asses shakes, their bodies tremble as their seek a method to break the curse
as soon as possible.

Illustration: You Hinasaki



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