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A two work collection of the Haramase Quest modern-day RPG series. [DLsite.com]
Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection By mindstone

Price:$12.49 / €11.47 (As of 2020/03/26)

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Circle Name:mindstone  Works
Series:Battle Rape
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:RPG / Inc. Voice / Inc. Music 
File Format:EXE 
Genre:Ahegao/Gapeface / Serial Product / Fantasy / Internal Cumshot / Rape / Gal / Angel/Demon / Tanned Skin/Suntan 
File Size:691.92MB 

Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Haramase Quest 1 & 2 Collection


Summary [By dlsite.com)

A special set combining the two entries in the modern-day RPG series, "Haramase Quest"!

"Haramase Quest [Batorape] Legend of the 21 R*pes (RE105719)"
"Haramase Quest ~R*per's License Bestowed by Angels~ (RE223817)"


"Haramase Quest [Batorape] Legend of the 21 R*pes (RE105719)"

What if you were chosen to cum in as many girls as possible?

A man of life debauched was visited by the angel Haramielle.
She said unto him,
1. The balance of Tamashi's celestial and underworld hath become ungood
2. The underworld uprises with the influence of many ladies. We seek thy willingness
3. A magnificent power shall be bestowed upon thee
To which he replied, "WTF is going on."

Will you deliver Tamashi from a tragic fate by divine request?
Will you impregnate their women, and save the world....?

* The target is 21!
Go wild in the streets: JK, OL, nurse, wife, maid,
mistress, shrine maiden, bar bunny girl, hustler, etc.
Stalk the school zone for girls in various club outfits,
do the cute teacher too...!
It sounds like a dream, but do you have the stamina to r*pe them all?
There's not just humans, but demon girls and angels and more!

* Battle r*pe system
Make your move in battle when the time is right with the "ravish" command.
A successful copulation will result in a little blessing of joy, thanks to your superpower!
Attack, assault, transgress, commit! Now's your chance to knock her up!

* Permanent recruit
You can recruit a girl from battle to fight on your side with a bit of brainwashing.
They have different battle powers, but you can only recruit 1 girl, 1 time.
She's your companion. Who will you choose? Who will you pass over hoping for something better?

* Hints and tips
Strength isn't everything. You can defeat high powered enemies with the right gear and tactics.
Don't give up if you lose. Keep an eye out for weak points and experiment with a new weapon or companion.
Simply leveling up your stats is not the key to victory!

* Save anywhere, anytime
Use this feature frequently to make risks into fun gambles.
Save and pop into a dangerous new area. Reload if you fail.
It's good to save before and after all boss fights!

* New Game +
Multiple playthroughs make it very easy
to save up money and experience different styles!


"Haramase Quest ~R*per's License Bestowed by Angels~ (RE223817)"

In modern Japan, there are various types of girls possessed by devils!
Let's push down, r*pe, inseminate and purify the girls in this raising sim & battle RPG!

* To Begin With
- Genre: Battle & R*pe Fantasy RPG set in Modern Japan
- H Scenes: Portrayed in comic style illustrations. Can also be seen in the reminiscence mode.
- Control: Playable with one of followings: keyboard / gamepad / mouse

* Synopsis
Rumors about a serial incidents are going around the town.
One of these days, a boring office worker Shinji Hiyorino is trying
to kill himself because he feels there is no hope in his life.
There, a girl, claiming to be an angel, says:

"Would you like to use your life for me instead of just dumping?"

Her offer comes with a reward. She says she will fulfill his wish if he succeeded.
Thus, a boy's strange and exciting adventure begins.

He will purify girls who are in captivity of devils by means of sacred insemination.
What wish will he fulfill in the end of the adventure...?

* Game
- To search a target
First and foremost, let's walk around the town!
You may get information from various rumors in the town.
When you get a particular rumor about your target girl,
the girl's information will be added in your "Clear Note", a magical list.

- Go into dungeons
You can go to a dungeon of a girl's mental abstraction world
through the "gate of Calmat" by choosing the girl on the Clear Note.

- To clear dungeons
In the very depth of a dungeon, the manifestation of the girl's dark side
awaits you as a boss enemy of the dungeon. Let's beat the boss
and purify the girl by means of sacred insemination to cut off the contract with the devil.
(in a nutshell: beat and r*pe!) * dungeons you have beaten can be re-visited.

- Explore the town more
As the story progresses, there will appear new places to go in the town.

- If confronted by formidable enemies
You would be outstripped by some enemies.
In such cases, let's train the partner angel and yourself to retry.

- Raising
This game's character raising has five features.
(1) Characters' Level
Defeat enemies and get EXP to raise levels.
Basic parameters increase with each level-up.

(2) Protagonist's Equipment
You can buy equipment in the town and also find in the dungeons.

(3) Protagonist's Skill
He automatically attains skills as his level increases.

(4) Angel's Equipment
Each type of elements found in the dungeons can be exchanged with the angel's equipment.
Her light level affects the availability of equipment.

(5) Angel's Level
Each type of elements found in the dungeons can be exchanged with the angel's level.
Each of her element levels affects the availability of skills in corresponding elements.


* Girls to be r*ped

- Ritsuko Kishiyama
An ordinary housewife living in a housing complex.
- Mia Tooumi
A maid working in a famous one's mansion.
- Rian Miyama
The student council president in JK Academy.
- Manon Sakamoto
A school swimsuit girl in the swimming club of JK Academy.
- Seina Kirishima
A stereotypical gal.
- Aki Aikawa
A university student working at YacDonald's.
- Saki Tatsumiya
A university student working at Starbooks Coffee.
- Azusa Akiyama
A mysterious Gothic girl often appears in the electric town.
- Ayako Asakura
A university student who acts as a cosplayer.
- Mei Ishida
A bunny girl in an underground play spot in the electric town.
- Arika Nanami
A hustler who always win in money matches.
- Chieri Misono
An office worker working in a large company.
- Wakaba Koishikawa
A schoolgirl wearing a sailor uniform in JK Academy.
- Koharu Orikasa
A waitress working at a restaurant near the station.
- Misato Shinguu
A police woman.
- Hina Sakurano
A schoolgirl in JK Academy playing tennis.
- Kaya Umemiya
A nurse working at a hospital.
- Satsuki Hibino
Appears at a beach wearing bikini swimsuit.
- Yui Aramaki
A very popular idol.
- Secret 1
To be revealed in the story
- Secret 2
To be revealed in the story



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