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No happy endings here -- after you're accused of killing your father, only one man can save you. Your meeting was destiny. (CV: Ichirou Nagi) [DLsite.com]
Evil and Innocence ~Mating with a Rival Gangster from Kansai~ By Sacrifice

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Circle Name:Sacrifice  Works
Series:Lady and the Yakuza
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:WAV 
Option:Girls / Otome 
Genre:Violence / Shame/Humiliation / Captivity / Coercion/Compulsion / Incest / Crime/Gangster / Dialect (Language) / Madness 
File Size:2GB 

Evil and Innocence ~Mating with a Rival Gangster from Kansai~


Summary [By dlsite.com)

You've been hauled in by the police and accused of killing your father, a yakuza boss.
You've lost everything and have no choice but to run. Only one man can save you.
His name is Jin Hishida, and you were destined to meet him.

There are no happy endings here.
When the only one who can protect you is the son of your father's rival, what did you expect?

This is a mad love at the very precipice of death.

Includes a good(?) end and bad end.
Though the bad end may be a little crazy for some...

Jin Hishida (36)
The son of your father's rival in Kansai.
His Kansai dialect isn't too heavy and he seems quite friendly, but he's also ambitious.
His charm makes him popular with both men and women.

A girl in her mid-20s and the daughter of a yakuza boss.
Escapes to Kansai after being accused of killing her father.

[Track List] (Total playback: approximately 83 minutes)

1) 私じゃないのに (04:15)

2) 対価は体で (16:03)
Forced blowjob, rape

3) 愛欲の日々 (24:17)
Blowjob, hard sex

4) 本当の気持ち (22:46)
Madness, incest, masturbation, foreign object insertion (alcohol), hard sex

5) グッド?エンド_血のつながりなんて (05:16)

6) バッドエンド_母さんみたいに置いてかないで (07:16)

■フリートーク_薙一郎様 (03:23)

Jin Hishida CV: Ichirou Nagi
Scenario: Hachi Hazuki
Illustration: Komachi Akira
Logo: T-na

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