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オリジナルキャラクター「マキリ」のエロトラップダンジョン本。 自身を爆乳化させた呪いを解除させるために、再度ダンジョンに挑むマキリとナギのコンビ。 しかし以前来たときとは全く違うブラシ触手・フタナリ化・スライムプール・触手服・感覚倍加共有など数々のトラップばかりが彼女らを襲う! [DLsite.com]
【簡体中文版】再訪のエロトラップダンジョン By Translators Unite

Price:880 JPY (As of 2023/03/01)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Mar/02/2023 0
Product format:Manga 
File format:JPEG / PDF file 
Supported languages:Chinese Simplified 
Genre:Breasts / Lots of White Cream / Juices / Successive Orgasms / Vore / Restraint / Tentacle / Big Breasts / Futanari / Hermaphrodite 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

An erotic trap dungeon book featuring an original character, "Makiri."

In order to expel a curse that has made their breasts grow large, Makiri and Nagi take on the dungeon once more. However, an entirely different plethora of naughty traps await them!

Brush like tentacles, futanari-fication, slime pools, tentacle clothing, sensory amplification and sharing, and more!

Digital ver. bonuses:
Cover page with / without futanari variations,
With / without faphole & brush & blindfold tentacles, lots of fluids, etc. illustration variations
Special bonus goods illustrationスマートフォン版では【表紙絵各種差分】はブラウザ視聴のみ可能となっております。

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