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The female protagonist decides to visit a men's beauty salon that has a reputation for allowing girls to experience [nipplegasm ejaculations]. A kind and perverted woman with big breasts uses a special aphrodisiac oil to make her grow a cock and... [DLsite.com]
[ENG Ver.] Is There Really A Men's Beauty Salon Where Even Girls Can Experience Nipplegasm Ejaculations? By Translators Unite

Price:1,320 JPY (As of 2023/09/05)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Sep/06/2023 0
Voice Actor:琴香
Product format:Manga 
File format:JPEG / PDF file 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Dirty Talk / Binaural / ASMR / Sex Industry / Soapland / Nipple Teasing / Big Breasts / Nipples / Areola / Futanari / Hermaphrodite 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Manga: 35 pages / Full Color
PDF / JPEG format

Audio: 5 tracks / Approx. 30 minutes playback
MP3 / WAV format
CV: Kotoka ( )
* Ejaculation countdown included.

Both the Manga and Audio content contains a penetrative sex scene.

Genre: Nipple teasing, futanari-fication, big titties, lewd language, aesthetician / beauty salon, prostitution, older woman.

This is a story about a girl who gets a special aphrodisiac oil massage that makes her grow a dick and ejaculate all over the place as she discovers the pleasures of the penis. A kind, big-breasted, erotic staff member (named Yuka) teases and torments her nipples and leads the woman to nipplegasm nirvana.
If you both read the manga and listen to the audio, it should help you easily picture the situation and enjoy it.

The female protagonist hears that a new men's beauty salon that has a reputation for allowing girls to experience [nipplegasm ejaculations] has opened in front of the station, and she decides to actually go there and experience it.
There, she is greeted by a kind and beautiful lady with large breasts. The woman performs a lymph node and groin area massage using an aphrodisiac oil containing a special futanari-fication (dickchick transformation) ingredients, all the while teasing and tormenting the protagonist's nipples, which causes her to ejaculate profusely as her newly formed prostate gland throbs with excitement.
Noticing that the protagonist is still rock hard even after experiencing her nipplegasm ejaculation, the sexy staff lady straddles her and they have raw cowgirl style sex. Having been enlightened to the mind blowing pleasures of the penis, the protagonist declares she no longer needs anything but penis and pussy, and blows her load deep inside the lady's pussy!漫画のみ翻訳されております。

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