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「耳''奥''舐め」と「耳''圧''舐め」の二種類の舐め方で、お耳の穴を中と外からエッチに刺激する《深層&圧迫ASMR》音声です♪まずは体験版をどうぞ♪(CV:みもりあいの様&天知遥様) [DLsite.com]
【繁体中文版】「本当に深い耳"奥"舐め」と「本当に押し潰される耳"圧"舐め」~お耳の穴を中と外から刺激する≪深層&圧迫ASMR≫~ By Translators Unite

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Nov/04/2023 0
Voice Actor:みもりあいの
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:Chinese Traditional 
Genre:Healing / Binaural / ASMR / Younger Stepsister / Childhood Friend / Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love / Hand Job / Ear Licking 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Audio was recorded on a Neumann KU100 hi-resolution microphone, with a specialized mic for the ear-licking sounds.
This double mic method is meant to recreate the feeling of the innermost parts of your ears being thoroughly licked,
and of a tongue being pressed hard against your ears.

Please enjoy both of these thrilling types of ear-licking ASMR!Scene1- Asuna's "Heavy pressure" ear licking present

As it's the protagonist (listener)'s birthday, Asuna quietly sneaks into his room
and gives him a special type of ear licking for a present...

* Contains kissing, french kissing, "heavy pressure" ear licking, and handjob with ejaculation

Tr1 Scene0_オープニング (09:06)
Tr2 Scene1_明日菜とイチャイチャ♪(09:45)
Tr3 Scene1_明日菜の「耳"圧"舐め」 (31:23)
Tr4 Scene1_ シコシコしながら「耳"圧"舐め」(18:49)
Tr5 Scene1.5_インターバル(03:40)

Scene2- Hana's "deep" ear licking present
Following Asuna's present, Hana pops in afterward to give him her own brand of "deep" ear licking.
Her tongue penetrates his ears, and strikes his most sensitive spot...

* Contains kissing, french kissing, "deep" ear licking, and handjob with ejaculation

Tr6 Scene2_花とイチャイチャ♪(10:45)
Tr7 Scene2_花の「耳"奥"舐め」(29:06)
Tr8 Scene2_シコシコしながら「耳"奥"舐め」(17:05)
Tr9 Scene2.5_インターバル(03:49)

Scene 3 - "Deep" and "heavy pressure" ear licking from both side
Hana and Asuna join together to give the protagonist their special ear licking from both sides of him.
His ears are thoroughly violated~

* Contains double ear licking ("deep" and "heavy pressure", double handjob with ejaculation

Tr10 Scene3_お耳の中と外を同時に舐め舐め♪(15:54)
Tr11 Scene3_二人で一緒にシコシコ&舐め舐め♪(07:37)
Tr12 Scene3_エンディング(02:52)

Total playback time: 2 hours 39 minutes 57 seconds

Includes combined and separate track files[Hana Amano]

The protagonist's childhood friend, who is like a little sister, and perhaps like a lover to him.
Cheery, honest, and a little all over the place.
Overall, a smart and caring girl.
Since the protagonist loves "deep" ear licking, she's practiced this skill intensely.

[Asuna Kawasumi]

Like Hana, she is the protagonist's childhood friend, who is like a little sister, and perhaps like a lover to him.
A calm and relaxed girl who does love a little teasing.
She has practiced the ways of "heavy pressure" ear licking.[Cast]

as Hana Amano:
Aino Mimori

as Asuna Kawasumi:
Haru Amachi




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