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[Bass x Female warrior x femdom]How about being violated by a strong female warrior? [DLsite.com]
ENG Ver[Bass x Female warrior x femdom] Brave warrior attacked by strong female warrior By Mitsuneiro

Price:990 JPY (As of 2024/01/27)

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Circle Name:Mitsuneiro  Works
Release date:Jan/28/2024 0
Voice Actor:涼貴涼
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Binaural / ASMR / Hand Job / Internal Cumshot / Blowjob / Fellatio / Reverse Rape / Whispering / Vulgar Moans 
File size: 2.3GB  

ENG Ver[Bass x Female warrior x femdom] Brave warrior attacked by strong female warrior


ENG Ver[Bass x Female warrior x femdom] Brave warrior attacked by strong female warrior


ENG Ver[Bass x Female warrior x femdom] Brave warrior attacked by strong female warrior


ENG Ver[Bass x Female warrior x femdom] Brave warrior attacked by strong female warrior


Summary [By dlsite.com)

・English subtitle video
・original wav audio
・no se mp3 audio
・LRC lyrics file
・original illustration01Encounter with the female warrior 【04:43】

As you are eating at a tavern, a strong looking female warrior comes next to you.
You have been looking for somebody to join your team,
so you take the plunge and start speaking to her,
but you are told that she has conditions for joining your team…

02Condition 1 for joining your team (Ear licking whispering hand job) 【12:11】
➡ [Ear licking, whispering, hand job]
Ejaculation time (hand job)【09:38】

When you arrive at her hotel room,
Imelda presents her conditions for joining your team.
You are told that a condition is whether you have the energy to satisfy her.
Your pants are suddenly pulled down, and she assaults you with her hand…

03Condition 2 for joining your team (vacuum fellatio)【13:57】
➡ [Vacuum fellatio]
Ejaculation time(fellatio)【10:43】

She says that it is too early to decide whether to join your team or not,
and this time wants to check your sperm volume.
She says she wants to make you ejaculate with something more stimulating than just now,
and starts energetic fellatio…

04Condition 3 for joining your team (horse riding cowgirl position)【13:03】
➡ [Ear licking, French kissing, cowgirl position, raw cream pie]
Ejaculation time (cream pie in cowgirl position)【11:27】

Saying that was been before was nothing more than a warm-up and the real thing starts now,
you are suddenly mounted like a horse.
You are told that if you can satisfy her now,
she will become a member of your team…

05Can’t resist outside either (Masturbation, fellatio, loud moaning, standing doggie) 【20:37】
➡ [Masturbation/fellatio, standing doggie, multiple orgasms, loud moaning, raw cream pie]
Ejaculation time 1(Fellatio)【09:18】
Ejaculation time 2 (Cream pie standing doggie)【17:21】

You and Imelda have defeated a demonic beast in a request quest.
Strangely aroused after the battle, she asks you if you want to fuck her,
and you go to a little frequented area of grass...

06Fall of a female warrior (kissing fuck in missionary position, loud moaning impregnation plea in facing position)【26:57】
➡ [French kiss, missionary position, intimate face to face position, multiple orgasms, loud moaning]
Ejaculation time 1(cream pie missionary position)【12:42】
Ejaculation time 2(cream pie intimate face to face position)【21:15】

Unable to control her urges, Imelda visits you in the middle of the night.
The normally strong Imelda descends into a lewd slut.■Production  密音色

■Voice Actor
・涼貴涼 様

・ゆなまろ 様

・きー子 様

・くじら137号 様

・にんじん 様

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