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This is information site of Hentai doujin works from DLsite.com International.

貧しくも、恵まれた外見で上手に生きている女子校生・蛍 。 性的なこと無しで蛍を援助してくれる優しい『パパ』に、あるとき高額の報酬を提示される。 同級生とのセックスに不満ををもっていた蛍は「見た目も清潔感ある人だし、不満解消のセックスはできるし、悪くないな…」と、軽い気持ちでOKしてしまう。そこで待っていたのは、同級生とでは『知ることがなかった』とてつもない快楽の世界で…。 [DLsite.com]
【簡体中文版】知りたくなかった By Translators Unite

Price:770 JPY (As of 2024/02/08)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Feb/09/2024 0
Product format:Manga 
File format:JPEG / PDF file 
Supported languages:Chinese Simplified 
Genre:Uniform / Restraint / Forced Oral / Irrumatio / Squirting / Gushing / Short Hair / Black Hair / Tiny Breasts 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

While poor, a high school girl named Hotaru manages to live well thanks to her exceptional looks.
One day, her kind sugar daddy who financially supports her without demanding sex, makes her a monetary offer that is too good to turn down.
Of course, the offer is in exchange for a sexual relationship.
However, as Hotaru was frustrated with the poor sex she was getting from her classmates...

She casually thinks to herself,
"He's a well groomed and clean man, and I can blow off some steam with the sex... it's not a bad idea..."
and accepts her sugar daddy's proposal.

However, what was waiting for her was no normal sex.
What was waiting for her was something she could never gain from her classmates.
A world of pleasure, so fathomable that she wished she'd never known of it...

34 main pages + cover / back / afterword + without text cover & bonus
JPEG / PDF formats

* There is no penetrative sex. (Though sex toys are used.)
* There is an irrumatio scene, but there is no depictions of vomiting.

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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