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A new teacher gets put in charge of a class with a vampire girl, Mira. She's always alone, so he talks with her every day, until... [DLsite.com]
The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~ By Casket

Price:1,329 JPY (As of 2024/02/08)

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Circle Name:Casket  Works
Release date:Feb/09/2024
Voice Actor:花寺香蓮
Product format:Adventure / Voice / Music 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Clothed / Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love / Lovers / First Experience / Internal Cumshot / Breast Sex / SM / Sexual Training / Coercion / Compulsion / Submissive Man / Blonde Hair / Big Breasts / Virgin Female / Ai Translation Patch 

The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~


The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~


The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~


The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~


The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~


The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~


The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Serving My Vampiric Student / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~


Summary [By dlsite.com)

[1. A world with inhuman beings]
The Inhuman .
A generic term for races different from humans, such as succubi and vampires.
If one of these "myu" were to become your girlfriend, what would your love life be like...?
In this game, in a world where the myu are entirely commonplace,
you experience a naughty romance with a girl who's just a bit different than your average girlfriend.

[2. A game for masochists who want to be dominated by their student]
The protagonist is a brand-new teacher. The heroine is a vampire in his class.
Before the protagonist knows it, he begins to harbor feelings for this inhuman student of his... and one day,
one thing leads to another, and she sucks his blood, putting him at her mercy.
Enjoy lots of passionate, erotic scenes that make use of her vampiric nature, and be toyed with her even though she should be beneath you.

[3. Vampires' nature]
Vampires have a long history. Formerly, they were predators who preyed on humans by sucking their blood.
Because of that past, they've developed various "powers" to more efficiently suck blood.
They also have a different sense of values than humans do.

●Aphrodisiac saliva
Other than acting as a blood-thinning agent, vampire saliva also works as an anesthetic aphrodisiac that disrupts pain receptors.
Humans bitten by vampires feel no pain and drown in pleasure, causing them to stop resisting.
The saliva can also be addictive, so men who want vampires to suck their blood aren't few and far between.

●Mind control
When a vampire sucks a human's blood, they can control the human at will with their crimson gaze.
This is called "bonding."
As such, sucking blood has become illegal.

●A purely matriarchal society
Vampires have a purely matriarchal society.
In their culture, it is the men's duty and pleasure to serve the women.
It is said that humans possessed by vampires become so overwhelmed and enthralled by pleasure that their bodies cease to function properly.

[4. Of course, none of the H scenes skimp out on this dynamic.]
Be dominated by your vampire student, fall prey to her sweet teasing, and serve her.
Enjoy various scenes that make full use of that theme.A world where humans and the inhuman live together.
The protagonist, a brand-new teacher named Keiju Tsukimoto, takes charge of the class that the vampire girl Mira Kurojuji attends.

Mira is always alone in class, so Keiju starts to worry about her. As they talk every day,
Keiju starts to secretly harbor feelings for her, finding himself more and more drawn to her.

But he is a teacher, and she is his student.
He laments the taboo nature of his love.
But one day... something happens to him.

"Mira, I like you, teacher. Let me hear your feelings, teacher."

After school, she drinks his blood against his will, making him unable to resist telling her how he feels.

"Then, you and Mira will become lovers, right? I love you, teacher...♪"

Through the power of her crimson gaze, the two end up dating.

Through his relationship with a vampire whose worldview differs entirely from his own,
Keiju learns pleasure that surpasses human comprehension.※This work uses AI translation.
※This product does not include the Japanese version.
※For any inquiries related to this product, please contact DLsite(https://cs.dlsite.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).

This product is the official English version of 「彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~」.
The contents of the game are the same as 「彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~教え子ヴァンパイアの甘トロ隷属調教~」, but translated into English.

This work has content overlapping with the following works.
When purchasing, please be careful not to make duplicate purchases.

『The Case of the Inhuman Girlfriends: Complete File / 【英語版】彼女が異種族(ミュー)だった場合 ~Complete Case~ DL通常版』

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