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[ACT] Swordswoman Ludisia, with blue eyes, went to recapture the Princess... [DLsite.com]
Blue-eyed swordswoman Ludisia By Finish Doll

Price:1,782 JPY (As of 2024/02/10)

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Circle Name:Finish Doll  Works
Release date:Feb/11/2024 0
Product format:Action / Voice / Animation 
File format:Application 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Anime / Warrior / Violation / Coercion / Compulsion / Rape / Forced Oral / Irrumatio / Big Breasts / Voluptuous / Plump 
File size: 567.51MB  

Blue-eyed swordswoman Ludisia


Blue-eyed swordswoman Ludisia


Blue-eyed swordswoman Ludisia


Blue-eyed swordswoman Ludisia


Blue-eyed swordswoman Ludisia


Blue-eyed swordswoman Ludisia


Summary [By dlsite.com)

-- Version upgrade

Added defeat Ryona animation.
In addition to normal defeat, we have added Ryona animation!

-- Completed over the course of 3 years after starting advertisements in February 2017!

Belt-scroll animation game with over 1000 screens of hand-drawn animation.
Story of Ludisia and Princess ****.
This work is created by UNITY, so confirm operation with the trial version.
We hope that you enjoy it.

-- Prologue

"Verdena Kingdom" formed through the laws of justice and order.
"Demo road kingdom" ruled by dictatorship and fear.
The war between the two kingdoms continued over many years.

The war became more frantic over time, and, at that time, enemies infiltrated into the Verdena castle.
Then, the Queen was ****.
Her serving swordsman princess was there to protect her, but could not stop this.

However, Swordsman Ludisia went out to rescue and save the Princess.
So she decided to enter the neighboring nation where the Princess was caught.

-- Purpose

The **** princess was imprisoned, and she was repeatedly **** for 24 hours.
She would need to rescue her

-- Game

If caught by the enemy, the beautiful Ludisia would be ****.
If she could resist and escape, it would stop.
If her escape was developed, she would be killed as is.

Ludisia's fall is expressed through a wide range of parameters.

-- Animation

There are more than 1000 hand-drawn animation screens.
Additionally, there is full-screen animation showing sexual performance.

-- Illustration

We have prepared high-quality illustrations and differential scenes.
You can view the recollections from the gallery.


-- Ludisia

Swordswoman protecting the royal palace of Verdena.
She valued the princess, was fiercely patriotic, and was

Ludisia was beautiful and was the target of countless men.
However, she was the best at using the sword in the kingdom, and none of the men were a match for her.

She had no sexual immunity, and so was not skilled at this.
She was a virgin with the conviction that girls should not give up their virginity until marriage.
Knowing that the princess was being ****, Ludisia's blue eyes were stained with bright red.

-- Princess of Verdena

The princess of the Verdena royal family was very proud and skilled in magic.
She had no combat ability.
Ludisia had a lot of trust in her guards.

As time passed for Ludisia,
The princess faced repeated **** and damage through the merciless attacks.
She was drawn into sexual hell.

-- Demo Road Queen Demoticia

A witch finding shelter in Demo Road
Brutal and sadistic.
Strong at magic, she had strong attacking **** herself.
She also had the knowledge and ability to modify the beasts from Demo Road.

She had abducted and **** the princess, and was planning something.

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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