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The very prestigious female school turned out to be a school of customs course! Can the virgin main character (Amane) spend her school life successfully? [DLsite.com]
Welcome to the Barayuri Gakuen customs course! By Shimizuan

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Circle Name:Shimizuan  Works
Release date:Mar/17/2024 0
Product format:Role-playing / Music 
File format:Application 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Internal Cumshot / Masturbation / Blowjob / Fellatio / Rape / Inc*st / Interspecies Sex / Virgin Female 
File size: 490.18MB  

Welcome to the Barayuri Gakuen customs course!


Welcome to the Barayuri Gakuen customs course!


Welcome to the Barayuri Gakuen customs course!


Welcome to the Barayuri Gakuen customs course!


Welcome to the Barayuri Gakuen customs course!


Welcome to the Barayuri Gakuen customs course!


Summary [By dlsite.com)

** Content

After she enters the Barayuri Gakuen customs course, the main character starts to learn many things related to sex and sexual activities.
Enjoy how she gets used to her school life, while, sometimes confused.
We prepared various scenes including the scene where she loses her virginity.
Enjoy how she grows with time.

** Story

Amane spent most of her school life studying.
After so much effor she entered the Barayuri Gakuen customs course, a prestigious female school in her town.
The course turned out to be the one where only those with sexy bodies are permitted to enter.

Self-introduction has to be done naked, and what they learn in class are mostly sexual techniques!
All the classmates and teachers are the real bitch!

Can Amane, who is virgin, spend her life in this school successfully and safe...?

** Sex scene

There are various scened, such as masturbation and violation.

Various situations include sexual classes, sex at the party, and compulsory sex in front of everyone...
This is a story of the main character who is to be confused by their sexual nature at the customs course, which is a special environment for her.
Can she possibly be a mature woman after graduating the customs course?

You can see the past scenes as many times as you want by recollection scene after clearing each.

** Introduction of characters

A very serious girl who devotes her life in her studies.
She accidentally enters the customs course without knowing what it really is like.
She is the first virgin student in the customs course.

Amane's classmate.
She entered the customs course with strong recommendation from her father.
Her father was the first man who she devoted her virginity to.

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