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ロリ清純アイドル・エミリにドスケベトレーニングを施して、 自分好みの"ぷに穴肉便器"に教育しよう♪(はじめて手コキ/淫語強制/勃起見せつけ/強制べろちゅー/快楽堕ち告白/ねっとり生ハメ/乳首いじめ/好き好き連呼/オホ声喘ぎ/ラブラブ種付け/相思相愛ディープキス/ロリロリ淫語/腰ふりご奉仕/ハメ撮り/オホ声我慢→強制オホ鳴き/どぴゅどぴゅ種付け/チンカスフェラ/アナルプラグ/初アナルセックス/スパンキング) [DLsite.com]
【韓国語版】【5/14まで⚠7大特典を追加中!!】ロリ清純アイドルぷにあな快楽調教♪【ロリオナホ育成ASMR】CV:兎月りりむ。 By Translators Unite

Price:1,320 JPY (As of 2024/03/18)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Mar/19/2024 0
Voice Actor:兎月りりむ。
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:Korean 
Genre:Binaural / Loli / Pure Love / Sexual Training / Anal / Ear Licking / Whispering / Virgin Female 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Get ready to teach this cute, pure idol everything there is to know about sex!
Give her some special "Extreme Pervert Training", teach her how to please a man, and turn her into your very own loli cumdump!

You work as the beautiful, pure idol Emily's trainer.
One day, she has something to ask you...

Emily: "The producer is mad at me, recently my performances haven't been that great..."

So you offer her some secret training.
Training like...
- How to read a dirty script
- Practicing licking candy by giving blowjobs
and so on... all this just to fulfill those dirty desires deep in your heart...
But it's okay. Use your power as the older man to get her to do what you say!
Plus, Emily has a crush on you, so she'll accept your orders even though she's doubtful of them.

Get ready to soak your dick in the pleasures of loli pussy and train your very own idol onahole!

* Emily's a prodigal pussy with a high PervIQ of 300, so she'll be able to keep up with your training routine to the letter.[Character]
Hey everyone! I'm Emily! My dream for the future is to become a super famous idol and make everyone's hopes and dreams come true!
I cry when I have trouble dancing, but... this is my dream, so I'll do my best!
And, um, this is a secret, but...
I'm kind of interested in my trainer...
I'm gonna give love and my work as an idol my everything!
See ya!

* What's so special about loli characters anyway?
Well, that would be:
- Their purity and innocence
- Their cute, dumb personalities
- The inability to fight their urges
For S-oriented works, we believe these are the pillars of the loli genre.
By sticking to these 3 principles, we create works that satisfy the desire for domination, conquest, and approval. This work is no different.
We hope you enjoy as this pure, innocent girl loses herself to pleasure in this immoral indulgence!

* A deluxe scenario from Banana Sound
The script this time around is by none other than Banana Sound.
With plenty of detail in Emily's background story, there's lots to get you going from their masterful hand.
You'll even feel the spark of emotion from the carefully constructed story! Perhaps you'll even develop feelings.
Users who purchased the previous hit title, "Loli Slut Princess Knight Elf", can vouch for the power of their writing.
The second work from Banana Sound and Otoyabe Construction.
We hope you enjoy it.

* Tuning those vulgar moans
The intensity of Emily's moans changes with her training.
The further she is developed, the dirtier her moans.
Train her until she's just the way you like your lolis.Track 1 (24:14) Ejaculation timing: 22:40
(shyly reciting an erotic script / exposing your cock / first handjob / forced dirty talk / showing her your erection / penis massage / handjob ejaculation / smelling)

Track 2 (22:23) Ejaculation timing: 20:18
(full body massage with cream / nipple teasing / sexual development / fingering / first orgasm / losing her virginity / cumming with a condom on)

Track 3 (18:29) Ejaculation timing: 16:55
(sexy candy licking / dick cheese cleaning blowjob / irrumatio / oral ejaculation / swallowing semen)

Track 4 (13:37) Ejaculation timing: 11:58
(forced tongue kissing / pleasure corruption / raw sex / nipple teasing / successive orgasms / lots of "I love you"s / vulgar moans and gasps / love seeding / deep kissing)

Track 5 (14:52) Ejaculation timing: 13:28
(sumata / kissing / cowgirl / dirty talk / hip wiggling service / making a sex tape / holding back moans to forced vulgar moans / seeding)

Track 6 (12:00) Ejaculation timing: 10:41
(dirty dick blowjob / butt plug / first-time anal / spanking / asshole development / anal ejaculation)

Total Playback Time: 1 hour 55 mins1. Recommended as a sleep aid (?) Free Talk
A solo track from Lilim Uzuki. Plenty of wandering thoughts.

2. Cover illustration (high-quality logo free)
Cuteness you could stare at forever.

3. Pose art illustration (clothed version)
Make sure you look at all the detail, all the way down to her toes!

4. Emily's Diary (hand-written style)
Not part of the main story. Please use this to immerse yourself further.
These bonuses are included with the main audio! by Lilim Uzuki

Recorded at Studio Uzulim using a KU-100 dummy head microphone.
Includes versions with and without sound effects.
- wav / 48khz / 24bit
- FLAC / 48khz / 24bit
- mp3 / 320kbps

* Made and refined by the voice actress' preferences
Recorded entirely at Lilim Uzuki's personal studio, "Studio Uzulim".
And that's not all! It's packed full of sound effects painstakingly recorded by Lilim herself!
A highly immersive experience.

Not only was this recorded on the world's finest binaural microphone, the KU-100, but we also paired it with high-end equipment to bring out its very best sound just for you.
Additional upgrades make this a very "Uzuki" listening experience.
If you close your eyes, the immersion is sure to deepen.This might be a little sudden, but what does "Vulgar Moans" mean to you?
For us here at Ohoyabe Construction, it means "That moaning voice that you can't hold in when something feels too good."
It's not just a sound that someone is making to set the scene, but something unstoppable in the face of extreme pleasure.
Hence the beastly noises.
That's what vulgar moans are.
At Ohoyabe Construction, we aim to show you their charm.
I'm sure that, one day, my moans will make someone's fetish deeper

Lilim Uzuki
Representative for Ohoyabe Construction

Voice Acting: Lilim. Uzuki

Character Design & Illustration: Yuu Yanagi

Scenario: Banana Sound

(Original idea & Editing: Lilim Uzuki)

SFX: okojo suisei


Ohoyabe Construction SFX Department: Lilim. Uzuki

Audio Editing & Package Design
Ohoyabe Construction R&D Department: Lilim. Uzuki

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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