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Witness the aftermath of Julia and Liese's descent into carnal madness! [DLsite.com]
VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode 1 The Fallen Dragon Sisters / 【英語版】VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode:1 堕ちた竜姉妹 By ninetail/dualtail

Price:550 JPY (As of 2024/03/28)

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Circle Name:ninetail/dualtail  Works
Release date:Mar/29/2024
Voice Actor:ヒマリ
Product format:Adventure / Voice / Music 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Sisters / Queen / Princess / Violation / Tentacle / Interspecies Sex / Corrupted Morals / Mind Control 

VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode 1 The Fallen Dragon Sisters / 【英語版】VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode:1 堕ちた竜姉妹


VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode 1 The Fallen Dragon Sisters / 【英語版】VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode:1 堕ちた竜姉妹


Summary [By dlsite.com)

A spin-off of the eighth VenusBlood game, focusing on Julia and Liese's descent into madness.
Their country was torn apart by unbridled pleasure, and now, all that awaits them is utter humiliation!
Though traces of their pride remain, the dragon sisters are brainwashed into utter madness for your enjoyment!
Don't miss their transformation from high-minded royalty to filthy, filthy bitches!

The curtain opens on an all-new tragedy...This is a wrap-up of the Chaos Route from the eighth VenusBlood game, which is focused on brainwashing and corruption.
All order in the Principality of Archlond has collapsed after the mad queen Julia's policy that inverted the social status of those with wings and those without.
In accordance with her own law, Julia and her sister Liese are forced to work as mere prostitutes in a lowly brothel.
With no human rights to speak of, they spend their days at the mercy of men who use them, tentacles that ab*se them, and more...【The Fallen Dragon Queen】
●Julia (CV:ヒマリ)
Formerly the reigning queen of the Archlond Principality.
A foolish ruler who fell victim to Leonhardt's brainwashing and lost all traces of individuality.
It was her order that inverted the status of winged and non-winged individuals, making girls with wings into little more than servants.
Though she protests, Julia is a pervert who wants nothing more than to be utterly dominated and ravished.
【An Innocent Flower Drowned in Pleasure】
●Liese (CV:星空ユメ)
Julia's younger sister and a princess of the Archlond Principality.
Originally, she was a kind, quiet girl.
After her brainwashing, however, she became a wicked little imp who seduces men.
Her provocative words and gestures inflame their passions, causing them to vent their overflowing lust on her.* This product is the official English version of 「VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode:1 堕ちた竜姉妹」.
The contents of the game are the same as 「VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode:1 堕ちた竜姉妹」, but translated into English.

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