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Animated from start to finish! Puru puru motion all the way! danbo-rumansion presents its second Ero Trap EPG! [DLsite.com]
Panic Party By danbo-rumansion

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Circle Name:danbo-rumansion
Last Modified:Upgrade Information /  
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:RPG 
File Format:EXE 
Option:Inc. Anime / Trial 
Genre:Breasts / Lots of White Cream/Juices / Successive Orgasms / Anime / Violation / Rape 
File Size:596.26MB 

Panic Party


Panic Party


Panic Party


Panic Party


Panic Party


Panic Party


Panic Party


Summary [By dlsite.com)

Animated from start to finish! Puru puru motion all the way!
danbo-rumansion presents its second Ero Trap EPG!

- Izuyu (CV: Meguru Utakata)
A busty girl who is always relaxed.
Doesn't wear lingerie in her room.

- Rin (CV: Haruka Amachi)
A prickly small-titted girl.
Doesn't wear lingerie in her room.

This game can be played only by mouse input.
Control two girls alternatively to escape from a building dodging through traps.

- Sexual Sensitivity
Each of four parts of their bodies has its sensitivity level.
The higher their levels are, the more likely they get orgasms in traps.
Their current statuses are shown on a smartphone on the screen.

- Multi-ending
Each of Izuyu and Rin has multiple endings.
Branching is caused by their sensitivity levels...?

- Unique Situations
Shooting erogenous zones with a water gun
Live streaming
Gum moving in the mouth to give stimulations
Narrow way rubs nipples
etc etc.

- Sound Setting
Sounds can be toggled On/Off on the options screen.

- Animations
Contains more than 40 animations

This product is created with RPG TKool MV.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

Q&A for this works.

  • How do I save on the game? I found something that looks like save files but I can’t save on them. Also I can’t read Japanese.

    by Cody €2019-04-26 11:25 AM

    • Hi Cody.

      You can save from the third item of the menu that appears when you right-click the mouse.
      However, you can not save during a conversation.
      You can save only on the screen during the adventure.

      Have a good ecchi life!

      by EroMaster €2019-04-26 12:03 PM


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