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A female witch and a male slave battle it out in the underground sexual arena Sabbath Colosseo! With her overwhelming power, does the slave even stand a chance? [DLsite.com]
True Battle Fuck! ~Unmanned Large Rookie Sakuya~ By R-18 Voice Circle Assault

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Circle Name:R-18 Voice Circle Assault  Works
Series:Battle Fu*k!!
Age Ratings:X-rated 
Work Format:Voice 
File Format:WAV 
Genre:Moe / Fetish / Woman's Viewpoint / Abnormal/Perverted / Internal Cumshot / Blowjob/Fellatio / Muscular / Big Breasts 
File Size:525.8MB 

True Battle Fuck! ~Unmanned Large Rookie Sakuya~


True Battle Fuck! ~Unmanned Large Rookie Sakuya~


True Battle Fuck! ~Unmanned Large Rookie Sakuya~


Summary [By dlsite.com)

True Battle Fuck! ~ Unmanned Large Rookie Sakuya ~

WAV/SFX/SFXless versions
173 minutes

●01 プロローグ
●02 試合開始!
●03 ヘッドシザーズからの手コキ&フェラ攻撃!
●04 スカルエンドからの足コキ攻撃!
●05 コブラツイストからの手マン&愛撫攻撃!
●06 アルゼンチンバックブリーカーからの前立腺マッサージ攻撃!
●07 オリエンタルナパームデスからのオマンコ責め!
●08 パワースラムからの横四方固め!
●09 最終決戦・正常位の攻防!
●10 ウイッチの勝利!
●11 ウイッチの敗北!

She's a powerful witch, standing tall at 175cm, 70 kg, with a BWH measurement of 86/65/95

He's a slave, standing 160cm with only 15 wins of 35 matches.

Who will come out on top? I think you can guess...



((Package Illustration))



ver.A (cv: Rio Fujimura)
ver.B (cv: Satsuki Akushiro)


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Doujin Circle "Violation"


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