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作者:かに村えびお [DLsite.com]
【韓国語版】ウェプト様!人間をイジメちゃいけません! ~悪堕ちしたロリババ女王様は人間に成敗されました~ By Translators Unite

Price:990 JPY (As of 2024/02/06)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Feb/07/2024 0
Product format:Manga 
File format:JPEG / PDF file 
Supported languages:Korean 
Genre:Successive Orgasms / Queen / Princess / Lolibaba / Fantasy / Internal Cumshot / Violation / Oral Cumshot / Tiny Breasts / Tanned Skin / Suntan 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Wept, a divine being who has lived several centuries, is a beautiful, yet cruel, Queen.
Those un(?)fortunate enough to be chosen as her partner for the night, have their lifeforce drained... right to the last drop...

However, there are those that wish an end to her tyrannical reign... and have put a plan in motion.
Punished by the humans she ruled so oppressively, this petite tanned deity will get a taste of her just deserts!!

72 main pages

* Unlike the sample images, the actual pages use black bar censoring.

Contains: handjobs, lifeforce draining, irrumatio, oral cumshot, semen eating, violation, coerced orgasms, creampie, nipple teasing, incontinence, clitoral stimulation, femcorruption, and more!

Author: Ebio Kanimura

Divine beings boast supernatural magical powers and perpetual youth.
Wept, the beautiful descendent of such beings, rules her queendom with a cruel iron fist.

Her only entertainment in life, is toying with men... but she has little care for their pathetic lives.
She sucks them dry of their cumforce, ending their existence while they writhe in the throes of ecstasy----
With Wept's parents and siblings no longer in this world... there is no-one around to stop her tyranny...

However, it would seem the head priest, Solon, has put a scheme in motion.
He presents to her a young man name Sis.
The true identity of this man who smiles fearlessly in her presence...
is a human with the magical ability to control any woman he has sex with...
The kind of human Wept's father feared. A human with the power to defeat even the gods--------!?

And thus the queen who cruelly harmed her subjects for so long... ends up on the receiving end!
A vengeful barrage of endless orgasm inducing pleasure torment is unleashed!!

Having realized her predicament, Wept begs desperately for her life... but what fate awaits her----------?Wept

A divine being. Has lived for hundreds of years maintaining the same appearance.
After losing her her family, she began to tyrannize her subjects.Sis

A male prostitute from the town below the palace.
Has a peculiar trait which allows him to control others via his bodily fluids.Solon

The head priest of the kingdom.
Has a strong sense of responsibility, and is trying to stop Wept's tyranny.

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